About Us

We are a group of foodies, entrepreneurs, and islanders who are passionate about local, sustainable and healthy food production and distribution. Rock Bay Market was born out of a desire to combine our love of local food with our passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, with a little kick in the butt from CoVid to really get us going!

Our team consists of a wide range of multi-disciplinary, talented people who are committed to creating opportunities for our community to enjoy our local food as much as we do!

Christine Susut

Christine, aka “The Kombucha Lady” as she is known to many, is first and foremost a healer. Growing up in a health oriented home eating vegetarian whole foods, she developed (even if rejected in her youth) a strong foundation and awareness of a mindful and healthy lifestyle. Although it wasn’t until she went on her own healing journey that she fully embraced the power of whole foods and herbs, she undertook the mission of spreading her knowledge to anyone who would listen! After spending years in the fine dining arena, she wanted to merge the two worlds of elevated foods and healthy eating to nourish people. To that end Christine founded Cultured Kombucha in 2015, showing the world that good tasting things can be good for you too! Now Christine is onto the next step of her journey: creating healthy fermented preserves for The Rock Bay Market.

Ryan Malcolm

Ryan is driven by a need to create and foster a culture of respect and understanding for the ingredients that go into our food and drink. His experience over the past decade of working with boutique restaurants, bars, distilleries, breweries, festivals, and cafes has woven together a network of local suppliers that he maintains strong relationships with to this day. Ryan’s mission is to celebrate just how good we have it on the island and to develop a stronger community connection to our local food resources. Eating wild and seasonal shouldn’t just be a luxury and he is here to prove it.

Anthony Shannon

Anthony’s journey into the food world started practically from birth. Growing up eating vegetarian whole foods in the Okanagan, Anthony and his family would take advantage of the Okanagan’s bounty to prepare nutritious and truly local foods like dehydrated fruit leathers, producing their own tofu, and growing nutrient dense sprouts. That passion for earnest healthy foods blossomed under the tutelage of Chef Peter Zambri who’s own passion for family and feasts mirrored Anthony’s. After honing his craft for over 20 years in kitchens, Anthony brings with him a well rounded knowledge of all things food. Now with his own kids, Anthony is more passionate than ever to continue on the legacy of healthy living and harvesting locally. 

Ryan Davenport

Joining us from the East coast, Ryan Davenport is our helper for all things kombucha related. Ryan helps ensure our kombucha stays up to our standards at every step of the process, from tasting and testing, to flavouring and delivering. Running a small brewery efficiently is hard work, and Ryan keep us running smoothly with his innovative and custom ideas. He spends his days between our brewery in Esquimalt and The Rock Bay Market. Ryan’s mother has brewed kombucha for as long as he can remember, so it’s been a constant aspect of his life. He spent two years with Goodmore Kombucha in Nova Scotia before making the move across the country and finding his way to Cultured Kombucha and The Rock Bay Market.

Jaime Fogg

Jaime will likely be the face you’ll see when you come into The Rock Bay Market; she takes care of our customers, runs our social media and website, and takes the product photographs. A Victoria local, Jaime has always been passionate about supporting local and sustainable businesses. With over a decade of experience in the food and beverage industry in Victoria, she has gained an awareness and appreciation for the plethora of businesses that source their ingredients locally, while supporting local farmers, artisans, and producers and simultaneously contributing to local food security. Her background in community development goes hand-in-hand with our passion for local, sustainable and healthy food production and distribution.

Sarah Hunsberger

The newest addition to our team, Sarah is our part-time Market Administrator. She is fuelled by her creativity which is grounded in her passion for local and sustainable opportunities. She loves to experiment in the kitchen and encourage others to exercise their creativity in every meal. Hailing from a small farm in Ontario, Sarah strives to embrace seasonality and the beautiful abundance that this land has to offer. Her background in agriculture has focused her appreciation for the hard work and dedication that sustains our food supply. Sarah is thrilled to be a part of the Rock Bay Market team and the local food scene here on Vancouver Island.