About Us

We are a group of foodies, entrepreneurs, and islanders passionate about local, sustainable and healthy food production and distribution. Rock Bay Market was born out of a desire to combine our love of local food with our passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, with a little kick in the butt from CoVid to get us going!

Our team comprises a wide range of multi-disciplinary, talented people who are committed to creating opportunities for our community to enjoy our local food as much as we do!


Christine, aka “The Kombucha Lady” as she is known to many, is first and foremost a healer. Growing up in a health-oriented home eating vegetarian whole foods, she developed (even if rejected in her youth) a strong foundation and awareness of a mindful and healthy lifestyle. Although it wasn’t until she went on her own healing journey that she fully embraced the power of whole foods and herbs, she undertook the mission of spreading her knowledge to anyone who would listen! After spending years in the fine dining arena, she wanted to merge the two worlds of elevated foods and healthy eating to nourish people. To that end Christine founded Cultured Kombucha in 2015, showing the world that good-tasting things can be good for you too! Now Christine is onto the next step of her journey: creating healthy fermented preserves for The Rock Bay Market.


Cam Picyk was raised in Victoria, B.C. and received his first cooking lessons from the legendary chef, James Barber, aka The Urban Peasant. After a brief baseball career, Cam decided to focus on cooking, and began working at celebrated restaurants such as Teatro in Calgary, Lumiere in Vancouver, and Marque in Sydney, Australia. Following a stint in Europe, Cam returned to B.C. and continued to build on his international experience at establishments including Gastropod in Vancouver, Sonora Resort, and Agrius in Victoria.  After returning home to Vancouver Island, Cam became increasingly invested in sustainable agriculture as an extension of his culinary practice.  Most recently Cam was the Farm Manager for OLO Restaurant. In his spare time, Cam enjoys analyzing baseball statistics and bird watching. 


Joining us from a small town in mid-western Ontario, and with a Beer Sommelier ticket from Prud-Homme in his back pocket, Evan is our Brewer & Delivery Driver. You’ll see him running between our brewery and storefront, plus all of the Cultured Kombucha retailers around the Island! With his background in brewing beer, Evan brings a lot of expertise to our kombucha brewing facilities. Evan is a recent addition to the Island lifestyle and is intrigued by the local events, art & culture scene that we have here. Keep an eye out for his kombucha tasting events held in store!


One of our friendly Market Administrators, Antonio joins us from Brazil where he studied Nutrition Sciences and Business Administration. He made the move to Victoria to continue his studies in the business world. Always willing and ready to help, say hello to Antonio next time you are in the market!