Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know my order is ready for pick-up or delivery?

All orders are prepared as quickly as possible. Once an order is ready we send an email notification that it is ready to be picked-up from the Rock Bay Market, centrally located, at 2725 Rock Bay Ave. For deliveries, notification will sent a day advance so you can plan for its arrival. Delivery days are:

Langford/Westshore: Tuesdays

Sidney & Peninsula: Thursdays

Victoria Area: Tuesday & Thursday

How long do your products last?

All product descriptions on our website include storing instructions. Please refer to the product description, or contact us directly at or 1-778-656-1726 if you are unsure about how to store your product. Keep reading for more information.

Due to the nature of our producing and processing techniques, refrigeration and storing suggestions vary depending on the item.We take pride in using exclusively clean ingredients and traditional methods for processing, fermenting, and canning our products. This means that we choose not to use stabilizers (which extend the shelf life of products) in order to keep the ingredient list as clean as possible. Therefore, the shelf life of each product varies.

Products such as the ketchup, salsa, kombucha fruit syrup, chutney, BBQ sauces, jerk sauce, etc. are shelf stable until opened. Once opened, all items need to be kept refrigerated and will last 1-3 months.

Most of our lacto-fermented provisions need to be kept in the fridge at all times (kimchi, sauerkraut, tapenade, tartar, fennel mostarda, etc.). These products will last 1-3 months in the fridge.

Our hot sauces will last for 3-6 months or longer when kept in the fridge.

Do you have accept returned jars & bottles once I’ve finished with the products?

Although we currently do not have a return-it program in place, we will happily take back any jars and bottles from your past purchases after they have been cleaned and dried. We will be announcing a circular economy return-it program in the near future. Information for this program will be announced both here on our website, and on our socials @rockbaymarket.

How do you source your products?

We strive to strengthen our local food security by sourcing our products through a diverse, local network of suppliers. We pride ourselves in providing our community easy access to affordable, wild, local and seasonal provisions. Our collective includes farmers, food producers and foragers that work in and around Vancouver Island.

How do subscriptions work?

Once a subscription is placed it will recur weekly, monthly or biweekly depending on the option you selected. All subscriptions will be notified 2 days in advance that an order will be placed for another selection of our available local products. Once ready you’ll be notified that your seasonal selection of goods are ready for pick-up or delivery.

How do I become a food provider?

We value forging connections between local food producers, entrepreneurs and our local collective. If you are a local forager, fisher, fermenter or maker, please tell us your story. Email to let us know you how we can work together to feature your products at the Rock Bay Market.

What Covid-19 protocols do you have in place?

Rock Bay Market has been built as a convenient and pandemic-friendly solution for our customers. Cleanliness and safety are core to our business operations. Though you can still purchase items on-site, many people prefer to order online ahead of time to enjoy the contact free pick-up and delivery services we provide.