Awa Bancha – Anaerobically Fermented


An artisanal cold tea made from late harvest tea leaves that have been lacto-fermented for 3-4 weeks in old cedar barrels (much like how soy sauce is made!).

If you’re cool with funky (in a good way) teas, you should give this a try. Thick leaves are harvested in the heat of summer; they are subsequently boiled, kneaded and fermented 3-4 weeks in old cedar barrels, before being dried under scorching sun.

The result is a pickled tea that is reminiscent of an infusion of kelp and hibiscus: devoid of bitterness (even after over-steeping), with a pleasant tart note and minerality.

“Awa” refers to the old name of the region it is produced in; now known as Tokushima.  This lovely non-alcoholic beverage comes to us from O5 Rare Tea In Vancouver.

Available in 500ml bottles.

Awa Bancha | 阿波晩茶

Type: Dark
Sub-Type:  Anaerobic Fermentation
Origin: Naka-Cho, Tokushima, Japan
GPS: 34° 48’ N | 134° 28’ E
Grower: Ikawa, 3rd generation tea grower

Notes:  kombu, straw, hints of hibiscus

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