Confit Chicken Legs


Originally made for our Cinco de Mayo Taco Trio, these chicken legs are so good we had to keep them around. This chicken is perfect for shredded chicken tacos, as the protein in a classic dinner (pair it with mashed potatoes, gravy, and a delicious salad), or add it to a salad for a complete & healthy meal!

We sourced the chicken legs from local butcher Glenwood Meats, based in Victoria, B.C. We brine and marinate the chicken legs with a variety of herbs and spices, then cook them low and slow (real slow, for hours!) while submerged in olive oil. The result is an incredibly moist and tender meat that will literally melt-in-your-mouth.

These chicken legs are fully cooked. To re-heat, simply heat your oven to 325° and wait until it has heated through. If the skin has not browned enough by the time the chicken is heated through, carefully brown under the broiler until crisp, keep a close eye on it. The chicken should easily fall off the bone, then you can cut or tear the meat into pieces skin and all – if you can resist eating the crispy skin right away!

Two legs per package.

Ingredients: Chicken legs, olive oil, bay leaves, ancho chillies, garlic, & salt.

Please keep this item refrigerated.

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