Hot Smoked Miso Brined Sablefish


This buttery local delicacy will be an instant hit with your friends and family! Smoky, sweet, salty, umami, all packed into an incredibly smooth and rich bite.

Brined in a savoury mix of miso, coriander, mirin, salt and sugar and smoked hot at 350 on local cherrywood, the end result is buttery, savoury, rich and smokey. A perfect compliment as a protein for salads, pizza, or flaked and served over hot and sour soup, try this miso smoked sablefish spread on a Jenny Marie’s Cracker for a delicious, rich snack.

Available in 100g portions.

Ingredients: Wild BC sablefish, miso, coriander, mirin, salt and sugar.

This product is sold frozen. Once defrosted, please keep refrigerated.

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