Ponzu Sauce


Ponzu sauce is a classic Japanese condiment. With a citrus base, ponzu has a tangy flavour akin to a vinaigrette, and additions of soy sauce and mirin are the perfect sweet, salty, & umami elements to balance out the citrus’ tartness.

This versatile sauce is the perfect dipping sauce for your Dumpling Drop Dumplings! Or, try your hand at Tuna Tataki: dress a salad of thinly sliced cucumber and onion in Ponzu Sauce and top with seared Pacific Albacore Tuna, an extra drizzle of sauce, a fine zesting of ginger, & thinly sliced green onions. Delish! Find Tuna in our seafood section!

Available in 125ml and 250ml portions.

Ingredients: Soy sauce, sugar, lemon zest & juice, rice vinegar, mirin.

Contains: Gluten.

Please keep this item refrigerated.

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125ml, 250ml