Rhubarb Shrub


Bring the vibrant spring flavour of rhubarb to your favourite beverages with this Rhubarb Shrub.

What’s a shrub, you ask? Also called drinking vinegar, a shrub is a balanced blend of sugar, vinegar, and fresh fruit that forms an acidic syrup and serves to add depth and complexity to any beverage. Try it in a cocktail with gin, lime, and club soda or mixed into lemonade for a fresh summer beverage!

Available in 375ml bottles.

Ingredients: Rhubarb, organic cane sugar, & apple cider vinegar.

As this is a living product, please keep refrigerated.

**As the shrub ferments the cork will naturally rise with the build-up of gas. When this happens, simply remove the cork and put it back on, allowing the gas to escape.

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