Traditional Style Sauerkraut


Without a doubt, Sauerkraut has to be the flagship of the lacto-fermentation movement. Literally translating to “sour cabbage” Sauerkraut is made by the lactobacillus found naturally on the skins of cabbage coaxing fermentation out of the cabbage’s natural sugars. All it needs is a little saltwater, temperature, and time to transform the cabbage into a tart and tasty condiment.

Sauerkraut has been produced around the world for millennia. Originally from China dating back over 2000 years, it is now a culinary staple in Germany, France, Ireland, Poland, and now here in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Our Traditional Style Sauerkraut pays homage to the time-tested traditional methods of the past while celebrating the bounty of Vancouver Island by using the best local cabbage we can find.

Add it as a topper on hot dogs with mustard, as a contrasting acidity to grilled cheese, or spread over crackers with some smoked fish with dill.

Ingredients: Cabbage, salt.

Available in 500ml jars.

As this is a living product, please keep refrigerated.

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