Wild Halibut Fillet 1lb Portion


Available in 1lb vacuum sealed portions.

Halibut: The king of white fish along our western shores. BC Halibut has usurped angus beef as being one of the most expensive proteins in Canada. And for good reason, it is simply delicious. However by working directly with fishermen in Haida Gwaii we are striving to make halibut a little more affordable!

Halibut has a very firm dense texture, and a mild flavour making it a crowd pleaser for even the fussiest of fish eaters.Because of its firm texture halibut plays well with the addition of fats. Butter, Olive Oil, and Bacon Fat all work splendidly in the preparations of this fish. Serve it baked, pan seared, or in your favourite curry or stew.

This product is sold frozen. Once defrosted, please keep refrigerated.

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