Wild Lingcod Fillets


Lingcod despite the name is in fact not actually a member of the cod family but rather of the Pacific Greenling family. What they perhaps lack in looks they more than make up for in flavour. Lingcod has a firm almost dense texture coupled with a mild slightly sweet flavour. The flesh sometimes has a blueish hue to it but is white when cooked.

Its firm texture and mildly sweet flavour make it an ideal candidate for fish and chips, burgers, or even in a ceviche (diced finely and cooked in citrus juice). It has won over the hearts of many fishermen who now prefer it even to halibut.

Available in portions that range from 140g to 480g.

This product is sold frozen. Once defrosted, please keep refrigerated.



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140-199g, 200-254g, 255-309g, 310-369g, 370-424g, 425-480g (1lb), 481-599g