Fish Bone Broth


Our Fishbone Broth is made with 100% wild, local pacific seafood bones from the fish we process ourselves: halibut, lingcod, and sablefish, to name a few. We rinse the bones before extracting the stock to ensure a delicate, mild flavour.

Fishbone broth is some of the best of the bone broths. It is full of calcium, omega 3s, collagen, and minerals, making it an incredible brain food, excellent gut health support, and aids in healthy bone and tooth formation/integrity. Our seasoned Fishbone Broth is health and comfort in a mug!

The sky is the limit as far as possibilities are concerned. Warm a cup up with some fresh chopped herbs and chilli for a restorative cup of broth on a cold autumn day. Or boil your pasta in it for a Sicilian twist on family dinner. It also works great as a base for gumbo or chowder.

Ingredients: Local fish, celery, bay leaf, onion, garlic, peppercorn, coriander, fennel seeds, & salt.

Available frozen in 1 litre portions.

This product is sold frozen. Once defrosted, please keep refrigerated.

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