Wild Spring Salmon – Full Side Fillets


Spring Salmon, also known as “King Salmon” or “Chinook Salmon,” is the largest of the wild Pacific salmon species. Renowned for its fatty and flavourful meat this salmon is an ideal candidate for the barbecue or baked and topped with any delicious sauce!

We are currently sold out of our Spring Salmon Full Side Fillets. Our team is working to bring you more, please check back.

This product is sold frozen. Once defrosted, please keep refrigerated.

* Due to the nature of buying in small batches, each batch will look slightly different. The pictured fillets may not exactly match your fillet. *


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Wild Spring Salmon fillets from Haida Gwaii. Available in 4 different sizes:

Small (320-370g) – $10.50

Medium (380-430g) – $12.30

Large (480-530g) – $15.20

XL (560-610) – $17.44

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